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Gold Rush Ghost Town Shocked: Legendary Nugget Stolen!

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Crime Scene

Crime scene

The Gold Mine Office

Case File: The Heart of the Frontier Heist

Welcome, Detective, to the sun-scorched expanse of Dusty Gulch, a once-thriving gold rush town now clinging to the past with its ramshackle buildings and tales of fortune. Here, the winds whisper of greed, secrets, and a crime that threatens to unravel the sparse peace maintained within its borders.

A crime has taken place that has shaken the small community to its core: the audacious theft of the famed "Heart of the Frontier," a gold nugget of incredible value and symbol of the town's golden history. Lifted from its secure resting place, its disappearance has left a void where once there was pride and prosperity.

You will encounter and interrogate six key individuals tangled in this mystery:

  • Henry "Hank" Barton: The hard-edged owner of the gold mine struck by the heinous theft.
  • Eleanor "Ellie" Vane: The shrewd saloon proprietress, whose charm belies a sharp intellect.
  • James "Jimmy" McCray: A hopeful prospector with big dreams and potential motives for mischief.
  • Clara Reddington: The tough blacksmith with a private grudge and an ironclad alibi.
  • Sheriff Thomas "Tom" McCabe: The lawman whose badge glistens amidst personal shadows.
  • Wesley "Wes" Fletcher: A wild card, whose tales of clandestine happenings may hold truth.

Your keen eye for detail and unwavering resolve will prove invaluable as you scrutinize the scene of the crime, piece together testimonies, and sift through layers of deceit. Your objective is clear: question the suspects, explore Dusty Gulch to uncover evidence, and deduce who among these troubled souls is responsible for the burglary of The Heart of the Frontier. The truth lies buried within their stories, and justice rests upon your shoulders. It's time to reveal what really happened in this dusty abyss of mystery.