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Billion-dollar AI Prototype 'Aurelia-1' Stolen from Futuronix! Who’s Behind the Heist?

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Crime Scene

Crime scene

Futuronix Secure Unit

Case File: The Aurelia-1 Heist

Welcome to Silicon Valley, where the air is charged with ambition and innovation. You find yourself at the headquarters of Futuronix, a high-tech software and robotics company. The hubbub has died down to a low hum as news of a high-profile theft sends shockwaves through the corporate labyrinth. The prototype AI robot 'Aurelia-1', an advanced marvel worth billions, has vanished from the secure unit.

Could you solve this mystery?

Meet the key players:

  • Daniel Norwood, the stressed-out CEO grappling with the potential ruin of his empire.
  • Emily Savoy, an underappreciated programming whiz with an odd sense of calm.
  • Nick Carter, the security chief whose stone-cold face hides his growing unease.
  • Ray June, a confident marketing man who hides his concern behind his charming smirk.
  • Karen Stinson, the sweet HR manager whose eyes seem to know more than they show.
  • Victor Cooper, the cautious CFO, wrestling with his concerns about the vanished robot.

As the detective, your mission is to probe the labyrinth of lies and untangle the truth. Interrogate the suspects, pore over the crime scene, and unravel the secrets that lurk in the shadow of this gleaming skyscraper. Are you ready to solve the billion-dollar mystery? The fate of Futuronix rests in your hands. Let the investigation begin!