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Time Stops for Chrono Collegium's Protective Finch: A Mysterious Murder Befalls the School!

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Crime Scene

Crime scene

Finch's Observatory

Case File: A Timely Demise at Chrono Collegium

Welcome to the awe-inspiring yet eerie institute of "Chrono Collegium", an ancient, sprawling educational establishment reminiscent of Hogwarts but with a steampunk twist, complete with grand mechanical towers and poly-faceted magical provisions.

A troubling crime has occurred; Professor Hubert Finch, a respected Chronomancy specialist, has been found murdered under mysterious circumstances in his personal observatory, surrounded by shards of a shattered time-travelling device.

We present you with a suspect list. Which among them holds the key to this clandestine act?

  • Professor Hubert Finch, the unfortunate victim of this crime.
  • Lady Arabella Mimsy, an assertive potions master with known conflicts with Finch.
  • Victor Crownguard, the charming head of Grythoric house, and a known rival of Finch.
  • Fergus Fizzbang, the hardworking janitor with hidden fascination for time magic.
  • Minerva Inkwell, the quiet librarian with a hidden affection for Finch.
  • Pucey Scrimgeour, the mischievous student having had a recent fallout with Finch.

Your mission is to scrutinize each suspect, observe their behaviours, and separate lies from truth. The nooks and crannies of the school harbor important clues. Understand the complex interplay of relationships and unravel the truth lurking beneath layers of deceit to pin down the culprits.

Your keen eye, sharp instincts, and adept reasoning are now the only hope for justice, detective. The school, its secrets, and its occupants now lie open for your investigation. Best of luck!