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Radiant Beryl of Bree Vanishes from Prosperous Hobbiton Party!

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Crime Scene

Crime scene

Penrod's Grand Dining Room and Garden

Case File: The Case of the Stolen Beryl

Welcome, Detective, to the tranquil and idyllic Hobbit village of Hobbiton, set amidst the rolling green hills of Middle Earth. Your mission is to solve a mystery that has left this serene village at a loss. During a buzzing party at Penrod Proudfoot's charming abode, a highly prized artifact, the "Beryl of Bree," known for its magical powers of prosperity and protection, disappeared without a trace.

This mystery involves six key characters that you will need to scrutinize:

  • Penrod Proudfoot - The jovial host and the rightful owner of the Beryl.
  • Belba Bracegirdle - An artifact-loving guest present at the party.
  • Milo Burrows - A wealthy hobbit who attracts many envy-filled glances.
  • Primrose Proudfoot - Penrod's cousin, their relationship strained due to a past family feud.
  • Hamfast 'The Gaffer' Gamgee - The grumbling elderly hobbit who always had a soft spot for the Beryl.
  • Paladdin Took - A thrill-seeker who finds great joy in another adventure in Hobbiton.

Your duty as the detective is to interrogate these possible suspects, delve deep into their stories, explore their relationships, and inspect the disturbed crime scene in order to piece together the events of that fateful night.

Crack this mystery wide open, Detective. Discover who is behind this audacious crime. Hobbiton's tranquility depends on you.