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Jazz Master's Deadly Serenade: Cornelius Knickerbocker Found Dead at The Sapphire!

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Crime Scene

Crime scene

The Sapphire Serenade VIP Room

Case File: Death at The Sapphire Serenade

Welcome to the lavish 1920's Jazz era, set against the thrilling backdrop of The Sapphire Serenade, a celebrated New York City nightclub teeming with glamour and clandestine activities.

A heinous crime has been committed. The eccentric club owner, and renowned jazz musician, Cornelius Knickerbocker, was dramatically found dead during the club's highly anticipated Annual Jazz Night.

You are presented with an intriguing ensemble of characters, each holding a piece of this sinister puzzle:

  • Cornelius Knickerbocker: The charismatic victim with a love for thrill and danger.
  • Elara Huntington: The vivacious jazz singer carrying a simmering resentment against Cornelius.
  • Leonardo 'Leo' Bartolini: The refined yet ruthless mobster with illegal ties to the club.
  • Penelope 'Penny' Goldstein: Cornelius' timid assistant, strangely out of place in the wild club scene.
  • Elijah 'Eli' Thompson: Cornelius' enigmatic rival, jolly yet envious of Cornelius' success.
  • Rosaline ‘Rosie’ Baumgartner: The ambitious socialite with her eyes set on the club's possession.

Your role as the detective is pivotal in this heated atmosphere. Interrogate each suspect, scrutinize their every word, visit the crime scene, and follow the intricate web of clues to catch the perpetrator before it's too late. Will you be able to unravel the truth from the lies and bring justice to light?

Welcome to a world where jazz plays the soundtrack to secrets and every little detail may be more than what it seems. Let's put your investigative skills to the test. The game is afoot!