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Wealthy Businessman Found Dead in English Manor! Suicide or Sinister Plot?

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Crime Scene

Crime scene

Sir Julian's Study

Case File: Secrets of Ashford Manor

Welcome, Detective!

You've been summoned to unravel a dark mystery at the historical Ashford Manor, a grand old English estate shrouded in secrets and veiled by countryside isolation.

In the heart of the manor, the owner, Sir Julian Ashford, a wealthy and respected businessman, has been found dead in his study in an apparent suicide. But something about the scene rings false and you're certain that foul play is at hand.

Time to meet the cast:

  • Lady Elizabeth Ashford: The much younger, cunning wife of Sir Julian.
  • Benjamin Ashford: The moody, sarcastic firstborn son, who had strained relations with his father.
  • Victoria Ashford: The introverted, sweet youngest daughter with a penchant for her piano strings.
  • Jameson: The loyal family butler who holds the manor's secrets more closely than anyone.
  • Inspector Gregory Blake: A sharp-eyed guest at the manor and friend of the victim from their schooling years.

Each of these individuals holds a piece of the puzzle. They’ve got motives, they've got alibis, and it's up to you to untangle the truth from the lies.

Your job, Detective, is to dive deep into the intricate web of deception awaiting you. Interrogate the suspects, inspect the detailed crime scene, and dissect the evidence. Only you can uncover the true killer, and bring justice to the hallowed halls of Ashford Manor.

Remember, it's not just about finding the killer, it's about uncovering the truth. Always pay attention, and trust no one. Good luck.