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Priceless Artifacts Stolen from Millionaire’s Secluded Ski Lodge!

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Crime Scene

Crime scene

The Safe Room

Case File: The Alpine Artifact Affair

Welcome Detective, you're about to dive into a high-stakes mystery set within a secluded skiing lodge in the Swiss Alps.

The crime in question: the theft of a priceless artifact collection from the private safe room of the lodge's owner, millionaire Helmut Roth. The circumstances are peculiar, the vault door was unlocked, not broken into, and there are no signs of forced entry anywhere in the lodge.

Here's a rundown of the people involved:

  • Helmut Roth: The millionaire victim, owner of the lodge and the stolen artifact collection.
  • Karl Roth: Helmut's estranged younger brother with a keen interest in antique artifacts.
  • Alicia Roth: Helmut's greed-driven younger second wife.
  • Ivan: A charismatic ski instructor with a close connection to Alicia.
  • Pierre: The loyal yet rumor-plagued Roth family butler.
  • Lisa Bruni: A Swiss art dealer invited by Helmut to appraise his artifacts.

Armed with your wit and detective skills, your job is to interrogate the suspects, explore the crime scene, seek out clues, and uncover the truth behind this mystery. Your suspects are waiting, detective. Are you ready to unravel the case? Remember, in this game of choices, every step leads closer to justice or further into deceit. Good luck!