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Crime Scene

Crime scene

Office of SoftSolutions Inc.

Case File: The Friday Release Fallout

SoftSolutions Inc. Crime Mystery


You find yourself walking into the expansive office of SoftSolutions Inc., an IT company located in a bustling hi-tech business park on the outskirts of San Francisco. The atmosphere feels chaotic and impersonal with a maze of cubicles spread across two floors, a server room tucked away behind a security-controlled door, and a rather lavish management suite.


A major software release was made on a Friday night, flouting company rules leading to a global bank crash affecting a multitude of people around the world forcing the authorities to seek your expertise.


  1. Jack Norton - The visibly shaken Manager, trying desperately to hold the company together after the incident.
  2. Lee Chen - A seemingly withdrawn tech savant whose usual domain is churning codes away from prying eyes.
  3. Maria Simpson - A stern-looking woman and the HR head, known for her strict adherence to rules.
  4. Ben "the surfer" - The congenial sales representative, absent the following Monday after the incident.
  5. Emily Watson - The young intern who was hired on the fateful Friday and was the last one to use the system before the software release.

Your job as the detective is to interrogate these suspects, inspect the crime scene, and decipher who the real culprit is lurking behind this unique mystery.

Take your time to explore the IT office in detail. Remember to keep an open mind, piece together the puzzle, and uncover the truth. All the best, detective!