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Crime Scene

Crime scene

Sevron Biotech Lab's Server Room

Case File: Theft at Sevron Biotech: Who Stole the Data?

Setting: You find yourself on an isolated island, the site of Sevron Biotech Lab, known for its cutting-edge biotechnology research. Vast and secluded, the lab is equipped with various research rooms, a central command center humming with activity, computer labs filled with complex algorithms, data storage units boasting the highest level of confidentiality, and most importantly, a security office near the entrance programmed to overlook every inch of the facility.

Crime: As the facility's resident detective, you've been notified of a serious incident. Highly confidential scientific data, the fruit of countless hours of labor, have been stolen from the lab's secure servers. The theft has sent shockwaves amongst the staff, surfacing tensions and stirring suspicions.

Key Locations:

  1. Research Rooms: A series of well-equipped, sterile rooms where the heart of the facility's work takes place.
  2. Central Command Center: This is the lab's decision-making hub, buzzing with scientific discourse and the relentless tapping of keyboards.
  3. Computer Labs: These are home to the countless terabytes of data that store the facility's discoveries and confidential information.
  4. Data Storage Units: Here, the facility's greatest breakthroughs are securely stored.
  5. Security Office: Located near the entrance, it is home to countless surveillance monitors that hold the gaze of the security manager.


  1. Dr. Evelyn Shaw: The prominent head of the research team and victim of the theft, with a reputation for her stern and dedicated approach to work.
  2. Dr. Samuel Baxter: Working under Dr. Shaw, Baxter is a brilliant scientist known for both his dedication and high-reaching ambition.
  3. Jenna Price: Price, of a reserved nature, manages the complex algorithms behind Dr. Shaw's research.
  4. Harry Jefferson: The security manager of the facility, prides himself on his flawless record and watchful nature.
  5. Susan Hayes: Susan, acting as the bridge between the lab and the Sevron corporate headquarters, is a friendly soul with a knack for curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Your job, detective, is to plunge into the depths of this mystery. Interrogate the suspects, explore the crime scene, and navigate through the tangle of tension and suspicion to finger the true criminal hidden amidst the lab’s staff. Proceed logically, trust no one and use your deductive prowess to unmask the culprit. Let the game begin.